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Extensive experience in general corporate and business transactions.

My Clients Benefit From my Knowledge and Experience That Enables Me to Efficiently Identify And Develop Practical Solutions to each Client's Particular Legal Matters.


Attorney & Counselor

sophisticated and practical solutions tailored to each client's particular legal needs.

Elite Client Services

I founded the Law Offices of Jerold N. Siegan on October 1, 2015, because I saw 2 conflicting trends at law firms: that as the world has become more complex, the legal needs of my smaller and mid-sized business, early stage and entrepreneur clients’ have also become more complex; and the increasing overhead of mid-sized law firms has forced such firms to increase their hourly rates which prevented me from achieving my goal of providing the highest quality of effective personalized legal services at reasonable rates to my clients. By opening Jerold N. Siegan Law, I have been able to significantly lower my overhead, reduce my hourly rate and pass on the cost savings to my clients. This has enabled me to continue to provide to my clients the same high level of sophisticated and personalized legal services with insight from years of experience and a wealth of business acumen but at a fraction of the cost that would be charged by mid-sized and larger law firms.

I focus on client satisfaction and service. I work to develop strong relationships built on a deep understanding of each client’s needs. I listen to each client and get to know the client’s business, so I can provide responsive and sound advice.

Extensive Experience

I have been actively practicing law in private law firms for more than 30 years. My law practice is focused in the general business law area, including securities law transactions and compliance. I have extensive experience in corporate and business transactions and securities transactions and compliance.

I have also assembled a team of highly sophisticated, experienced and savvy, independent attorneys that I work with in order to address other legal needs of my clients. With this team, my clients continue to receive high level, streamlined personalized legal services for their individual legal needs at a fraction of the cost charged by mid-sized and larger law firms.

A Unique Client Focused Approach

With a focus on client satisfaction, I offer my clients at the outset of most engagements, an itemized A-La-Carte Menu of legal services for each phase of the engagement. This unique A-La-Carte Menu approach includes a summary of the intended transaction developed with the client and a detailed description of the services to be performed at each phase of the engagement and the estimated time and legal fees to perform the services for completing each phase. With the A-La-Carte Menu, the client easily sees and understands the work projected to be done on the matter and projected corresponding legal fees. As part of this unique approach, I also give the client the option to select which services from the A-La-Carte Menu that the client wants me to perform. If some of the services can be done by the client “in-house” (e.g., ministerial tasks such as state annual report filings) the client may elect to do that work itself and thereby reduce costs. If the client works with other attorneys, the client can also have such other attorneys perform some of the work. This unique Client focused approach gives the Client hands-on control of the services it needs for each phase of the engagement and the related costs.

Depending on the nature of the project, I also offer alternative fee arrangements and risk-reward solutions to help clients with financial predictability and accountability.